My people and I would like the opportunity to gain your trust and to serve you.

Hello, my name is James Tomaskovics and I am the owner of Tomaskovics Security Solutions. Our primary focus is on an organization’s financial security using various methodologies to detect and deter internal and external fraud that covers all aspects of business processes.

Quite often, our fraud detection leads us to our second primary service which is paralegal operations. These paralegal and document practitioner duties are also provided as a stand alone service to small business owners mainly to file permits, requests and appeals in New Jersey Townships along with arbitration and infringement actions to The State of New Jersey , The US Federal Government and Alternative Dispute Resolution Committees.

With training from The United States Department of Justice, The United States Department of Homeland Security, Lexisnexis University, Westlaw Law School, Yale University and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service I seek to provide the best service available in the market at a price that fits each unique budget.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-800-219-6770.